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NytActiv Holographic Glowing Football

About Us

When it comes to brandishing your lifestyle on social media, be visually pleasing. And to gear this up, NytActiv’s very own E-Commerce store has a plethora of holographic products for you to choose from. Starting right from sports gear to holographic light-up basketball, you can pick your fit.

Our Story

NytActiv was officially founded in December 2021 by Megha & Marmik. But the ideation and implementation took around three years. We surveyed several cities in India and found that ‘Holographic Balls’ are still unknown to a lot of people out there. That’s when we decided to get on the ship and take charge of the steering wheel. So we started our journey with NytActive— designing, developing, and segregating, all to blaze up your game! And when it comes to manufacturing and shipping, NytActiv has shipped over 200 holographic balls globally. Also, we love and care for our customers. So, whenever it comes to any special occasion, our holographic balls are all set to score goals.

NytActiv Holographic Glowing Volleyball

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We aim at blazoning the importance of sports irrespective of the clock. We want people to explore and enjoy the world of sports and setting up a revolution to achieve this is no less than a boon.

Our Mission:

With an amalgamation of fashion and technology, we thrive to satisfy the customers by inventing products based on their choice and need— something that goes with their style.